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The guarantees Aleou

Aleou offers in its packs (included or supplement) several types of guarantees:

  • Warranty number of visits. The minimum number of visits depends on the package you choose (see Order).
  • Warranty seminars applications SOS Seminars via our service. The minimum number of applications depends on the package you choose (see Order).
  • Warranty confirmation of a minimum CA Seminar. We guarantee the confirmation of a sales seminar at least equal to the price of the package you ordered.

How does the warranty?

As guaranteed goal is not reached, your pack will extend free. In this way, you are sure to dampen your publication on our site. These guarantees are cumulative, that is to say that your pack extends free as all guaranteed goals are not achieved and you continue to receive requests directly!

What are the counterparties to the business?

There is no consideration except for the guarantee of confirmation of a minimum CA or institution agrees to sign our collaboration agreement and is committed to meet all of our demands in 2 days. If the establishment does not respond in time, the warranty is void.

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