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Domaine Château le Risdoux

Castle for your seminar in Vireux-Wallerand

Surrounded by nature, Château Le Risdoux is the ideal place to welcome groups, clubs, associations and businesses. Its capacity (20 to 200 people) as well as its geographical location in the French Ardennes make it a space ideally suited to the organization of seminars, teambuilding, gatherings and other group events. In addition, 60 beds are distributed throughout the Domaine in a total of 8 gîtes including the Château with a capacity of 20 people alone.
Max capacity: 200
Rooms: 2
Bedrooms : 25
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Contact : ROBYN Els
Seminar service: +33 164 338 334
Phone: +03 (24)40 80 82 XNUMX XNUMX

Information on Domaine Château le Risdoux

Detailed presentation of the room

The main room "La Grange" has a built-in bar and can accommodate 200 people for a seated meal. Its adaptability will allow your events to come to life, the furniture is also versatile to meet your desires. 

The second room "Les Ecuries" is just as welcoming as the first and is also fully equipped to perfect your vision and adapt to your events. Its surface area being smaller, the capacity is 40/50 people for a seated meal.

Finally, the castle's dining room "L'Authentique" with its capacity of 30 people allows you to organize a business dinner or a more intimate meeting.

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Seminar rooms and capacity of the place Domaine Château le Risdoux

Room capacity

Capacity of the seminar rooms in number of people according to the disposal Domaine Château le Risdoux.
Live Drama
La Grange20012060150200
  • Domaine Château le Risdoux - La Grange
Château dining room30
The Tannery150

Information about rooms

  • « La Grange », recently renovated room, it can accommodate 20 to 200 people and offers a panoramic view of the Meuse valley, it is equipped with a large screen and a video projector.
  • « Authentic », dining room of the castle, it offers space that can accommodate 30 people.
  • « The Stables » our latest renovation on the Domaine. It is a spacious room that can be used as a reception space which offers the possibility of moving an outdoor cocktail indoors at the last minute if the weather turns bad! Fully equipped, it can also accommodate you for a more intimate meal.

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Access map and location coordinates of the Domaine Château le Risdoux seminar

For GPS: Piscine, 08320 Vireux-Wallerand Once you arrive at your destination, continue straight on the same road to the Meuse. On the banks of the Meuse, turn left and follow the towpath. There is a prohibited access sign, but we have a right of way for our customers. This path is a cycle path, priority is given to bicycles. After 3km you will see a white castle You have arrived!
Seminar leader: ROBYN Els
Rue du Ridoux
Lieudit Le Risdoux
08320 Vireux Wallerand
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 50,0691052
Longitude: 4,7297909
Domaine Château le Risdoux
Vireux Wallerand
Rue du Ridoux
Lieudit Le Risdoux

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