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Organizing conferences and seminars in rooms Avignonnaises

Meeting room to organize your conference in Avignon

organization of congresses and seminars in the Avignonnaises rooms - Ibis Styles Avignon Sud (84)Ibis Styles Avignon Sud (84)
Organization of congresses and seminars in Avignonnaises rooms - Hôtel les Rizières - Camarguaise hostel (13)Hotel les Rizières - Camarguaise Inn (13)
Organization of congresses and seminars in Avignonnaises rooms - Avignon Grand Hôtel (84)Avignon Grand Hotel (84)
Organization of congresses and seminars in Avignonnaises rooms - Village Camarguais (13)Village Camarguais (13)
organization of congresses and seminars in the Avignonnaises rooms - Aixagone (13)Aixagone (13)
Organization of congresses and seminars in avignonnaise rooms - Dolce Frégate Provence (83)Dolce Frégate Provence (83)
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Why Avignon and Villeneuve lez Avignon for your next conference or your next seminar?

Avignon, capital of Christianity in the Middle Ages which received the papal seat, retains the imprint of this grandiose destiny with the Palais des Papes, the Bénézet bridge known as "Pont d'Avignon", its ramparts, dozens of churches and chapels that make up an outstanding monumental ensemble listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so many vestiges of a rich history that gives the city a unique atmosphere.

Avignon is also a unique destination for a seminar or conference as the city has all the necessary infrastructure to turn your event into a great réusssite. With a single convention center in the historic past Palais des Papes (Plenary room and 14 rooms subcommittee to receiving 20 500 + of participants), a 1500 rooms accommodation in the immediate around the Palace (in the center of the old town) and a total of 3500 rooms in Avignon output of the city, an exhibition center.

Conference organizers and seminars not ignore, either, the town of Villeneuve-les-Avignon (on the right bank of the Rhône, facing Avignon), the Pontifical Chartreuse (monastery of the Carthusian Order) also hosts a good number of events.

Avignon is also the capital of the "Côtes du Rhône" or wines grow since the Middle Ages including the famous "Chateauneuf du Pape" and Provencal cuisine will delight participants of congresses or seminars.

How to get to Avignon for your conference or seminar?


From Paris / Lyon or Marseille / Nice: A7 (2 outputs)
From Nimes / Montpellier / Spain by: A9 (Exit Remoulins)

By train

At the TGV Paris (2h40) Airport G. C / Marne la Vallée (3h) - Lille (3h00) - Lyon (1h) - Marseille (30mn)
A central station TER - Intercity and TGV from Paris (3 h). TER for the airport of Marseille-Provence

By plane

Airport Avignon / Caumont at 8 km from the center of Avignon.
Warning many seasonal flights (ask) - charter and private flights.
Airport Nimes-Arles-Camargue (bus) 40 mn
Marseille-Provence 45 minutes by car or train connections to Avignon Centre

Activities you can do in Avignon and Villeneuve lez Avignon at your seminar ...

Avignon and Villeneuve lez Avignon offer an important choice of outings and cultural walks among which the discovery of religious heritage occupies a preponderant place. Visit the Palace of the Popes which was the residence of the pontiffs in the XIV century and remains the largest Gothic palace in the world. The Pont Bénézet XII century (or the "Pont d'Avignon" of the song) and the twenty or so churches, cloisters or chapels. Chartreuse and the homes of Villeneuve Lez Avignon cardinals with his Fort St André and ramparts overlooking the Rhone.

Every year Avignon hosts numerous shows and exhibitions in all the historical places of the city. But in July, the contemporary theatrical art festival attracts thousands of visitors from around the world with shows at the Palais des Papes, in churches and cloisters and chapels and in the street day and night. During the Festival, we meet in the streets of Avignon the greatest comedians of the moment or you appreciate those of tomorrow.

If you go a few km you will enter the vineyard "Côtes du Rhône" and you will taste the great wines of the region; Chateauneuf du Pape, Gigondas, Beaumes the Venice etc ...

By heading south, you reach the Camargue and ponds for wildlife and unique flora. You will ride a horse with "cowboys" and visit the ranches and attend the Camargue ferrades and evenings.

o On the docks of Avignon more restaurant boats offer dinner walks on the Rhône
o Le canoeing also occupies an important place on the banks of the Rhone.
o Ten golf surrounds the city with the most beautiful golf Provence.

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