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How do I create my profile on Aleou and ensure an increase in the number of quote requests?

Simply create a login and password to create a file. SEO on ALEOU is free. The form must be filled in as much as possible to increase the number of quote requests (photos, services, description, capacity, virtual tour, customer reviews, access plan, etc.).

How can I increase my turnover using the seminar guide?

To increase your turnover and your SEO, create your profile on and benefit from the reputation of our seminar guide.

How can I improve my visibility on

To improve your ranking and SEO, you can become a partner or take advertising space in the form of a Pack.
ALEOU offers you a total of 7 Classified Packs under 2 themes: partnerships and communication.

Depending on your wishes and your budget, the partnership and communication packs can help you allow you to be visible on the Aleou website at different levels, in different forms (different pages of the site, newsletter, redirection link etc.)
For partners, 3 packs are available.
Up to + 90% of visits and requests


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+ Number of requests
+ Turnover

Presence over competitors
Targeted emailing
Presence on your destination and a main page
Priority in search results
For Hotel Groups, 4 communications packs are available.

Thanks to the different possibilities of these packs, highlight your seminar location on the pages of your choice, in line with your communication strategy.

For further information on the Communication Packs, Partnership Packs and their advantages, contact us by email on or by phone at +33 164 333 333.