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Looking for an urgent meeting room for a pro event, but do not know who to ask? At Aleou.fr, it is a problem that we know very well, as we help orient and dozens of companies every year to find the place that will stick perfectly to their research: nearby, accommodation capacity, budget, type of seminar. So, with the great repertoire that our event agency is now able to offer, why not trust us? An event-organizing agency such qu'Aleou.fr has the capacity to take charge of your event from one end to the other. And it starts here with SOS Events!

SOS Events: Event organization at the service of your room search

Find your seminar room quickly.

Browsing as different pages of the site Aleou.fr, you will certainly realize the extended our service on French territory. Our event agency proposes to find your conference room in over 190 French cities. We are certain you will find the place that suits you perfectly. And this especially through the SOS Events service our agency offers event planning.

SOS Events is a service made available to you and which is completely free. Using the form that we propose here and all these windows to fill out, Aleou.fr takes care of finding you the seminar, congress or symposium room among the 11628 places and hotels that we have listed on our site. It's as simple as that !

Our agency takes into account all your information

We offer two solutions here. First, that of contacting our agency by telephone and giving us all the information in person: +33 164 333 333. One of our staff will find your room quickly.

You can also complete the form. Let us know first where you want to make your conference or seminar. Then it is very important to serve our event agency type of seminar you want, and the dates of beginning and end of the event. This is so that we can reserve the right room at the right time.

Another very important point: the budget. Why so important? Because qu'Aleou.fr is a PCO agency (For Professional Conference Organization) and the feature of our service is the absolute and total management of your event. This obviously requires control and optimization of your budget. Let us know the amount through SOS Events and we will organize your event based.

Aleou.fr: an event agency like no other

This is how we like to see our work with the many professionals who contact us. Our event agency goes much further than standard services in the organization of a seminar or a symposium.

Indeed, thanks to SOS Events, you will obtain with us a real range of services for your event: transport and reception of participants, lobbying, accommodation of guests, management of the budget, finances in their entirety and registrations . But also the search for sponsors, the coordination of service providers and communication.